Atworth is a village in West Wiltshire between Melksham and Bath. The Chapel has been on this site for over 200 years, being built in the 1790's. Rural Wiltshire Mission Field offers fields that are white unto harvest. Have you ever thought of relocating to come alongside us where the reapers are few. ????

As a Church we believe in free speech and freedom of worship, thus all people are free to follow whatever religion or no religion as they please.

However as a Christian Church, following the command of our Founder, the Lord Jesus Christ, we seek to lovingly tell anyone who would listen to His claim that He is the Son of God and to whom we must turn in repentance for the forgiveness of sin, that we may be restored to His Father, the Lord God Almighty.

In recent years the congregation, whilst keeping their autonomy, affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (F.I.E.C.), a grouping of around 600 varying size Bible believing Churches throughout the country.

As part of the F.I.E.C. we value the friendship and support of the other Churches within the Bath/Chippenham group, and from time to time meet up for joint prayer and ministry.

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